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Hello R6 riders!

I bought a 2006 R6 5SL as accident damaged - hardly anything - and it seemed to run fine when I bought it.

Mainly I have sourced a few cosmetic bits - but changed the broken timing cover and then did an oil/filter service. Does the ignition timing need adjusting/resetting after being replaced?? There's no obvious adjustment to the sensor as it's clamped down by 2 bolts and cable management bolt.

On starting it up (1st time in about 2 months) it was all over the place hunting cutting out - not running nicely at all....and not how I remember it.

It WILL rev up and is fairly quiet engine wise.... but trying to hold say 2000rpm is hard - it's kicking mainly down - almost randomly. Leave it to idle and a few seconds it kicks down and cuts out.... it sounds like a misfire.

Weirdly the oil pressure light randomly comes on/off. But sounds super quiet - so thinking it's getting pressure - I'm suspecting a faulty switch.

The timing cover has a threaded plastic disc to expose the timing rotor and at the side of it - a bolt that has a key-way cut into the casing - is this for resetting something?

I'm confused that it seemed to run fine when I first got it - now its rough. And I've only changed the timing cover (and the oil/filter).

Any help please?

I'm confused....

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The oil light is not a pressure light but an oil level light, bad fuel can cause the running issue. There is no timing adjustment for the cover and sensor. but what about the condition of the disc on the end of the motor that the sensor reads off of? Is that damaged at all?

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Thank you for your reply! :)

Now I understand - oil level!!! I put in what the engine casing stated.... 2.4 litres.

I guess the oil dipstick check is balanced ontop of the casing not screwed in.

The fuel could be stale - I didn't think of that! :)

The timing rotor is perfect - I did use my finger to wipe the face of the magnetic pickup - it did have some very fine grey sludge on it - but nothing nasty.

I'll check the TB and get some fresh fuel in and add some oil.... see where it takes me.

I really do appreciate your help.

Stu :)
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