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Help!!! My bike wont stay running. WTF!!!SORRY DOUBLE POST

I have a 2007 R6 which has ran perfect for a little over a year and all of a sudden it's acting up. First it will just sit there and turn over but wont start like as if it isn't getting fuel but the pump is kicking on when i turn the ignition on. Second i have got it to start twice in the past couple of days but the only way it will stay running is if i hold the throttle open. Third i got it to start last night and again it stayed running if i hold the throttle open so i jumped on it kicked it in gear and took off on it and after about a minute of riding it was fine it idled by itself and every thing. So i rode it about an hour and during that time i stopped and turned it off about 6 different times and it fired right back up every time no problem. I got home and parked it outside and it sat for about an hour an a half went back out to pull it in the garage and it wouldnt start again.WTF. So its been a day and i have not been able to get it to start again. Help please!!!!!!!

P.S. when its running it runs perfect like there was never anything wrong with it.
P.S.S. i drained the tank and put fresh gas in it. I checked the air filter to see if anything was in there all ok. and i do have a power commander but it seems to be working fine.
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