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Stanly the Manly
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Hi all, I'm sure there are 100 threads just like this but Im pretty excited and kinda apprehensive. I want to do my first track day early next year at Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, Alabama. I'd love to do it sooner, but I need to get my bike and gear in shape, and I dont see it getting done before winter, so I want to get run as soon as the cold lets off (probably march-april).

Barber doesnt have their 2011 calender up yet, but for anyone that has done a TD there, I'm trying to find a club with the most bang for the buck. Help me! What kind of coin am I looking at for one day?

I just ordered a leather jacket that should work for the track, but that still leaves me needing pants, boots, and possibly gloves. If anyone wants to sell me some cheap used pants (34-34) or boots (11.5-12) please hit me up. I also need to replace my warped front rotors (03-04 anyone?).

Please feel free to post any trackday tips and experiences - i need all the help I can get! Im really looking forward to hitting the track next year!:YEA

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Hopefully you ordered a leather jacket that zips and connects to the bottoms. Tracks dont allow two peice suits that dont connect. From what Ive heard, 1pc suit is the way to go.

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It has zipper, but I dont know how far it goes around. If it doesnt go 50% around, my grandma is good at sewing :D
:lmao well I guess hopefully they allow it. Im transitioning to track myself, and i did not realize how complicated it gets. But once I get my first track day then it will be a breeze.

I'd Flip it :popcorn:
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here is my list....

Spare Helmet
Spare gloves
Pop Up
Spare keys
extra oil
extra coolant
change of cloths
extra socks
all my paperwork for the day (I sign up online)
more water
spare tires
spare fuses
battery charger
and Cash Incase I want to pick up something from a track side vendor
ZIP TIES <-----Very important
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