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Hey everyone.
I have a 2000 r6 that has been having alot of electrical problems and im hoping somone here may know the answer.
-To start out with i was riding my bike a few weeks ago and then BAM it just stop taking and bogged down untill it eventually died. I pulled the bike apart (assuming it was the stator that went out on me) i replaced the stator and rectifier. But i noticed one of the connectors inside the plug going to the rectifier had burnt out. The connector that burnt out was connected to 1 amoung 2 wires that go into the wiring harness from the plug.(sorry a little hard to explain, ill try to explain better if no one understand what im saying). But anyways, the new stator i had ordered didnt have the correct female end to go into the rectifier (it was a package deal so i dont know how the hell that happened). So what i ended up doing was pulling out the burnt connector and putting a new one in the plug and then cutting the wires for the new stator and splicing the old plug onto the new stator. As for the wire that was connected to the burnt connector. I also cut the wire a few few inches back and spliced new wire in along with that new connector in the plug. I tried my best to make sure every connection and splice was tight and precise to avoid any more electrical issues. Charged the battery and it started right up and i have been riding it since.
-Well it had started cutting up real bad under throttle at lower rpms (below 10k) and then it started dying on me on the way home. I got it home replaced the battery with a brand new battery and rode it around for a few days and then out of nowhere it started doing the same thing. So brand new stator, rectifier, and battery but its cutting up and dying. The only thing left i can assuming is the wiring is going bad somwhere in all that splicing and cutting. So im taking it to a shop soon to have them deal with it because im tired of messing with it. Im just curious what this could be? I want to just go to the shop and tell them to re-wire the stator and rectifier all the way through the wiring harness. But honestly if its not bad wiring somewhere i am compltely stumped because i have no idea what else it could be. Iv heard people with the same problem but it was a bad rectifier or stator. Please help if you have any knowledge as to what it might be! Its driving me crazy.
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