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Im a newbie in these here parts. Joined awhile ago, but messed up when I registered so I dont have my username of choice (Admin, please see the enail I sent using the "Cintact Us" link.)
As a result, I had forgotten what name I had used to sign up with, so I forgot about it for a bit.
Im in the UK (I hope I dont see any complaints from you guys about the cost of fuel. You have no idea what expensive gas is. Costs me almost $40 to fill my R6!

Question about the site. Do you guys get any lag with the site? When I open it, or open a new page, there is a few seconds delay.

I used to live in Canada by the way, Winnipeg. I grew up there.

Love the site and I hope to make much more use out of it.

Take it easy guys.

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