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Hey everyone, [2005 YAMAHA R6]

I'm finally here for the knowledge, I'm an information digger. :) Got my license at Mt. Sac like 3-4 years back, think it was $200 if your 21+, and my brother was under 21 so his was $150, if I remember correctly. Brother recently gotten a bike like 1 year ago. It was pretty fun watching the hot hoochies :eek5 in Mt. Sac, but like that was the only first day when we are trying to find the registration office hahaha. No hot girls learning to ride when we attended.

Anyway, I'm here for some helpful information about Where to find a Repair shop to fix the R6. I couldn't find the rules, lazi :sleeping to look it up, but I think I post it on the right place and not spamming the topic with this intro post. :YEA Please make me some good suggestions on what to do by clicking the link: http://www.r6-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=665057#post665057

Thanks for the great forum!
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