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Hi my name is Tom. and i have a problem... maybe you can help

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I got my R6 yesterday before work and i cant get off of it!!!!
^^^^ thats my problem haha
And had a gnar tank slapper on the Highway last night.
4th gear pinned came over a little rise in the road and came up into a full wheelie
(and not like a hump juust a gradual incline to a flatter area. but when the tire came back down there was some inch deep pot holes form where maybe a plow tore p some high way.
SO i put the front down and im in a 100+mph tank slapper.
tried to just grab the bars and hold on to straighten but didnt work. So next thing to think of. Pin it again and maybe the center of gravity will take over and it will go straight.
IT DID! so needless to say i got her straight and my buddy came up and was like dude... "i thought that was it"

So now a question.
Steering stabilizer would that keep those things from happening and what the popular consensus.?
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Hey glad to hear that you got an R6 and love it. Now, don't be such a tool bag.

Tank slappers USUALLY work themselves out, or cause you to be on your bum 100 yards down the road ( at the rate you were travelling ) YOU, my friend, got lucky.

A steering stabilizer will indeed HELP you, but will not garauntee that you won't have a slapper. They are definately a great assistance to that type of problem though.

The best solution to your problem is to have a nice hefty dose of slow the heck down. But, it's not my bike, or my life. So, do what you will. Just be careful out there.
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