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High Mount lengths and prices?

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Ok im new here and have some questions on highmounts. Some of you might tell me that these questions have be asked 100 times why dont i use a search but here they are.

I love the look of the high mounts, and im trying to decide on what i want.
In some pictures that i have been looking at on this forum, some of the high mounts look shorter then others, which is the look i like. Maybe they are the same size? , and they just look smaller in the pictures i dont know.
so what im asking i guess is who makes the shortest/smallest one? I just think that the standard size high mounts look kinda weird sometimes. also are the Indigo anygood. Im guessing they are the greatest because the full system is only $715 on their site. I really like the looks of the M4 highmount.
some of the names i have been looking at is

Also i didnt want one thats going to be crazy loud.
I have a 04 silver/flame R6
If im leaving anything out that would be helpful please ask. Thanks
O yea I would love a full system but it would have to be under $800
which doesnt look promising. thanks for the help
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