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High mounts and turn signals

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Did a search and came up with nothing. Will aftermarket fender eliminator w/ LP turn signals work with highmount exhausts? I was just checking out my stock exhaust and it seems like the highmount will hit the turn signals, can someone confirm? I have my heart set out for a high mount or nothing! :mrgreen:
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depends on which high mount you go with. Some will get in the way, others won't. just depends on the pipe.

which one you lookin at?
Well I was thinking of the following (no particular order):


Can someone help me out?
if you have an 03+.......

The devil will probably hit....

BlueFlame you might get away with.....(sorry about the messy ass garage. was taken whil eit was cold as **** out and I couldn't clean it....

Looks like the M4 will be fine since in this pic, it looks like all the stock components are still on the back end.........

And if the R1 is any indication of the Wolf R6 highmount, then it looks like the stockers may fit but mini-stalks should fit....
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If i remember correctly from when i was shopping, the M4 will hit stock or short stalks. In the pic all the stock stuff is on except for signals it looks.
Ok talked to the shop guy and basically all high mounts will hit the turn signals even the short ones. I bought a Hindle titanium high mount and my bike sounds like a race car, its insane. I have only heard a Yoshi to compare it to, but the Yoshi sounds more deep and "muscle car" like, while the Hindle sounds clearer and more "race car" like.
thats kinda what my leo vince soiunds like. i had to remove my signals for it but def worth it.
I would recommend the UFO tail light kit. That will work with any high mount slip-on and they look cool too. Send me an E-mail and I'll work you a deal on a pipe and a UFO kit. WWW.HAMMYTHECANMAN.COM
well your shop guy is right any size light will it most hi mounts. but congrats on the hindle man :cheers

MICRON highmount exhaust .. with LP fender elim + short stalk .turn signal

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Thanks, Im very happy with the hindle, exactly the kind of note I wanted for my bike. BTW, rjgwaping, those your girls man?! :mrgreen:
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