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This helmet is outstanding. I had an accident a few months back, where I was riding a wheelie at about 95 mph on my R6, and backflipped it going over a hill.

I slid down the road a good 100 yards on my ass, about 10 feet behind my bike. When I got up, I was missing the right leg of my pants, my wallet was scattered across the road, my jacket was hanging on by the left sleeve, my gloves were ripped up (fingers sticking out), and both of my shoes were gone.

My helmet on the other hand, was still sitting snug as a rock on my head, visor and all. When I pulled it off, the only thing wrong with it was that there were some scratches on it, where my head was bouncing around on the pavement.

I came out of the accident with no more than some road-rash on my right leg (scar for life), right arm (healed), lower back (healed), ass (healed), and both feet (scar for life). If I hadn't have had on that helmet, I would probably not be sitting here typing this right now.

A+++++++++ to HJC for making outstanding quality helmets, for a reasonable price. :cheers

Mr. M
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