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HotBodies Flush Mounts

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Anyone have a write up on these? I searched and found nothing.
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i have a set of the hotbodies flush mounts to install on my 07 r6, but the first time i attempted to install them i had trouble with one bolt for the lower fairing. its on the right side just above the air induct and its phillips i believe. not sure what the best way is to get a screw driver behind the fairing. anyone with advice on this matter would be a huge help.
i have the smoked hot bodies, its actually easier than you think, to remove the side faring, you have to remove the plastic clip/screw. all it takes is something small with a right angle, and use it to pull it up towards you and it should pop out. its kind of hard to explain through words. i tried finding a picture but couldnt. its basically a plastic screw with no threads which has a hollow center, in the hollow center is another plastic cylinder, which when in place expands the screw so it doesnt move, but when you pop it out from the bottom, it allows the "plastic screw" to contract. im not sure if this is what you mean but hope this helps
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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