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Hey guys I am going to be changing my upper and lower triple clamps in a week or so when I get them. My dealer said they are a little twisted and bent from an accident I had last year. I couldn't tell, but I guess they could.
I have the repair manual and it doesn't seem too bad; however I don't have that special spanner wrench for that lock nut.
How long does it take to change them out? I'm also going to make sure I clean and regrease the bearings as well.
Also how am I going to support the bike? I can put it on the rear stand, but I need to find a way to support the front end.

Any help is appreciated


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The upper is no problem, just a few bolts. The lower is a bit more difficult. You don't really need the spanner wrench, a large set of channel locks will work. Once you get the lower out, you'll need a hydraulic press to remove the steering stem. Put the stem into the new lower and press it in. Then it all bolts back together.
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