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how long?

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i know "thats what she said". my bikes been sitting up for three weeks and i wont be able to ride it for another two because im currently moving to a new house. my gas tank is probably 1/4 full and has stabil in it. since she's gonna be sittin 5 weeks im now thinkin i should have filled her up before i parked her. how long does it take for rust to form in the tank? thanks :confused:
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Dude, your tank won't rust. I was deployed from 04 to 07 and mike bike sat in the garage the whole time. My wife started it up about once ever 6 weeks. 5 weeks sitting shouldn't be a problem. And yes, fill it up.

dont worry man
Rust can form if the tank isnt filled with gas, but if you have 1/4 tank then there should be enough gas fumes to prevent oxidation of the bare metal. It is a better idea to fill it up before storing for an extended period of time.
Fuel stabilizer won't really do much since 5 weeks isnt that long for gas to sit, I've let mine sit for 5-6 months without any and haven't had any problems, starting or performance-wise, going through a tank of 'old' gas.
fill up and you'll be fine.
mines about 8 inches long. I mean, it's a decent size and all, but girls always complaint about the 5 inch rule.

I'll be more worried about the gas than the oil.
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