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Even though I don't have pics yet wanted to go ahead and start this thread. I'll post some soon, hopefully.

Like the subject says what mods do you have?

My blue '04 R6:

Intuitive no-cut sliders
Intuitive swingarm sliders notched for a rear stand
120/70 front tire with forks raised 10mm in clamps
Graves V-Stacks
BlueFlame EVO Dual Port Carbon Fiber High mount
PCIII w/ custom map 103HP
Galfer S/S front brake lines
Galfer "Black" pads
5.1 brake fluid (not really a mod, I'm stretching on this one)
Gregg's Flushies with frosted lens
CA integrator
VFX Pivot Kit
Yamaha seat cowl

Waiting to receive and install:
DID/Renthal 520 Conversion -1,+2 (Thanks Creeper)

Still want a Scotts Damper and then I'm calling it a day.

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my '03 blue R6
- yamaha seat cowel
- removed rear foot pegs
- custome brackit for exhaust mount
- lowerd .5 inches front
- raised 1 inch back
- racing decals
- under tail kit
- shortened rear huger (2.5 inches long with carbon fiber sticker)
- gregs carbon fiber look clear flushes front and back
- carbon fiber tank protector
- carbon fiber gas cap trim
- yamaha swing arm spools
- removed all reflectors
- chrome blue wind deflictor
- yamaha blue bar end caps
- akropovich slip on
- 2 graves v-stacks
- PCIIIusb custome map (dyno'd @ 104.9 bhp)

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* Jardine RT-One Slip-on w/race baffle
* R and R Cycles Fender Eliminator
* Fastoys Custom Flame Rear Hugger
* UFO LED Taillight
* Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Lines, F&R
* EBC Brake pads
* Puig Double Bubble Screen - Dark Smoke
* Diamond Powersports Frame Sliders
* Pro-Tek Swingarm Spools
* Carbon Fiber Fuel Cap Trim
* Tank Pad
* Gel Grips
* Custom LED lighting

I should have my website updated with all the pics soon....

flyin' hawaiian
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hmm lets see what i have done so far.

*engine/trans peformance mods;
dynojet PCIII
Devil SB2 polished highmount
BMC race filter
Graves slide stops
Graves fuel pressure booster
Factory Pro velocity stacks
Factory Pro +4 degree ignition advancer
520 conversion 15/50- DID erv2 chain, Sprocket Specialist front sprocket, Stealth rear sprocket
Accuman Digital Indicator
Pirelli Diablo tires, 70 series front, raised front forks 9mm
Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen
removed AIS, and plugged holes

*safety items/items that help with riding
Scotts steering damper
LP Pro Impact frame sliders
Shogun swing arm slider/spools
Graves shark gaurd
Factory Pro billet aluminum stator and oil pump engine case covers
Stomp grip
Scorpio SR-i500 alarm

*cosmetic items
VFX integrator kit
VFX flasher kit
VFX Pivot kit w/red leds
Harris grips
Greggs Customs Flushmounts
Greggs Customs Mirror Covers
Yamaha seat cowl
Pro-Grip tank pad
Headlight european running light mod w/Greggs leds
passenger peg/turnsignal mod
Tanax bar end mirror with custom milled mount
painted rear hugger, black w/red flames

*items still sitting in boxes
CRG clutch and brake levers
CRG LS mirrors
Vortex adjustable rear sets
Spiegler front and rear stainless brake lines
EBC front and rear brake pads
Puig double bubble windscreen
another set of R6 wheels w/polished lips
Earache Motorsports camera mount
lowering link
VFX Pivot Kit with white leds

*items in transit
set of wave rotors
Greggs Customs, frosted leds to replace my orange leds

*items i still want
full arata, akra, graves exhaust in titanium or might just get a hindle header and try and fab something to my current slip on.
full set of plastics most likely sharkskinz with custom paint job
set of pirelli super corsa tires
genuine double bubble from yamaharacing.com, europe
redo front forks and rear shocks from a reputable shop

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haha. Great setup Stone

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I'll give ya a big AMEN to that!

I went the other direction first, I put all my initial $$ into gear, and a few minor things. Now, I have the gear, I have the base, time to buy the little "COOL" things I want! lol

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Greggs flush mounts
intergrated tail signal
swing arm license plate mount
micron full system
DID 520
AFAM front and rear -1/+2
Carbon Fiber upper and lower fairings--still not on bike though. :cuss
slide stops
K&N air filter--don't like it.

flyin' hawaiian
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yoda said:
I'll give ya a big AMEN to that!

I went the other direction first, I put all my initial $$ into gear, and a few minor things. Now, I have the gear, I have the base, time to buy the little "COOL" things I want! lol
i went with the gear and safety items first. i got my helmet, leather jacket, and steering damper before i got the bike. then went with the frame sliders. then the performance and cosmetic upgrades. yup safety comes first.

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2001 R6

~PRO-TEK frame sliders
~PRO-TEK swingarm spools
~Clear Alternatives integrator
~Greggs flushmounts
~T-Ravis motorsports fender eliminator
~Graves Full titanium
~Ivans Performance jet kit
*103.3 whp
~T-Ravis motorsports bike stand(in progress)

~520 conversion(+2 rear)
~S.S. brake lines W/pads
~Paintjob-black/red decals
~Smoke windscreen
~'05 style outlined wheels
~steering damper
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