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bongo said:
i don't even understand this thread?!?! Water wetter?!?!?!?!?! What am i missing lol. Am i REALLY stupid for not understanding?!
Water wetter is a cheical you use to replace antifreeze in the radiator... Most tracks wont let you on with Antifreeze in the radiator. You replace with distilled water and 12-14 caps of water wetter (per gallon of water). Turns your gallon of distilled water a nice shade of pink... Do not overfill... Use as directed on the back of the bottle.. You will not use all of a gallon to fill a radiator but its easiest to mix perfectly when you make an entire gallon... You need about 2/3 of it to fill the rad, run engine till warm, then top off again.

Before you begin, make sure rad is flushed through very well to get ALL antifreeze out... When you think you got it all out.. do it again.. .. Takes about 4-5 gallons running through the cap to get it all out of there..

In simple terms water wetter: It helps water not boil as easy

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So how do you flush the system
Im guess...
Drain original fluid
Fill with just distilled water (do you need water wetter at this point)
Run bike to circulate it
Repeat process
Then fill with Distilled water and Water Wetter???

Since water wetter works with regular radiator fluid as well as it important to get every last drop of coolant out before adding dist water and water wetter, they should mix ok if there is any coolant left right???
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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