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How tight should a helmet fit???

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ok I know this is a stupid question, but I want to make sure I get a helmet that fits correctly. Ive tried a few on and Im going with an Icon Domain Decay. It seemed to fit the shape of my head well. Heres my question though The XL fits somewhat snug and the L is very snug but not to the point that it feels uncomfortable. Is there a break in period for helmets? I dont want to get the XL just to find out a month or 2 later that now its too big.
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your a large...the helmet is nice a snugged....later on it will break in and get a bit loose on ya....ever tried on a medium?
+1 what he said
Get correctly sized by the employees at the shop. The helmet should be VERY snug at first, and will almost form fit to your head after you wear it a couple of times.
my brother and another freind have that helment and they both complain of the cheek pads being to tight against their face, my brother has been wearing his for two months now and it still leaves the imprint of the pads on his cheeks when he takes it off. its a xl if that matters. my buddy bought his of someone he knows and the cheek pads where aucually cut out. he had to get new ones before he could wear it. last time i talked to him he was complaining about it, its been a few weeks since ive talked to him though. i think that one is a xl as well..
Thanks for all the advice, went back to the shop today, tried the medium and couldnt even get it on. so I tried the L and Xl again and decided to go with the L. Ill let ya know how it fits in a few weeks or so.
L is very snug but not to the point that it feels uncomfortable.
thats the one!!!
i still ask the expert at the shop, what they think. i like to go really snug!!! b/c it will break in.
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