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I dropped my bike on my driveway and on my next ride I noticed oil on my left lower fairing.

Upon removing the fairing I noticed the leak was coming from the top of the crank case cover.

The leak is coming from the top of the crank case cover where the rubber grommet on the stator wire enters.

Remove the cover, and replace the gasket, also don't forget to use Yamabond around the rubber grommet (very important). I did not put enough sealant on the first two times I tried or I put it in the wrong place. I think the oil seeps up the wires so make sure you put Yamabond in between the two grommets.





I probably used too much Yamabond this time but it stopped the leak.

Torque the bolts to 12 Nm per service manual. I have a crank case protector on my bike so there are 4 bolts that are different from the factory bolts. The factory bolts should have a flange on them.

I noticed what I thought was a crack in my block while doing this repair. After looking around the R6 Forum I think it is just a casting imperfection.


Finished job. No leaks. Somehow I got the red wires twisted but this is not causing any problems.

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Don't know whether the Yamabond does, but many sealants such as Permatex's Gasket Maker compounds undergo a little expansion during the cure process; making it unnecessary to use a lot. I just recently removed my cover because I cracked it. The factory application of the stuff was minimal and never leaked in well over sixty thousand miles.
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