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Hi guys. I've had a little time on my hands to figure out a lot of stuff on the R6. I'll get to all of it but today is suspension.
I've been looking everywhere for information on setups: Dave Moss, Yamaha, YouTube.....Everybody shows you HOW to do it but doesn't actually give you the settings. This is because settings are like ice cream; everybody has their favorite and just cuz they like it doesn't mean you have to.
Background, I'm a former racer, (one short lived terrifying season), turned track day guy. I do a few days a year but am not a junkie. I ride intermediate and always with instructors. I usually track my S1000RR, but, feeling like my progress is halted, this year I'm tracking my recently purchased 2008 R6. I'm 6'1, 195 lbs. I live in New England.
Assuming you know where all the settings are, you've written everything down, and have a backpack full of tuning tools, paper and pen and are prepared to ride out for a couple of hours on different roads at different speeds, stopping to make adjustments, here is my street setup. Note, I'll probably turn up the setting a couple of turns when I get to the track.

Fork height, show 2 full rings.
Preload, Show 3 full rings,
Tension ( Rebound), 18 clicks out, (all setting are from hi to lo).
Compression, Hi, 2 full turns out
Compression, Lo, 14 clicks out.

Preload, 4th step from the top
Rebound, 8 clicks out
Compression, Hi, 1.5 turns out
Compression Lo, 16 clicks out.

So yeah, some of these are middle of the road settings but they work. Please note and the R6 is one of the worst street bikes ever made, but also one of the best track bikes ever made. Street riding is torture, cramped, stiff, revvy, twitchy, all of it. So don't think the settings are going to make you glide over shitty roads. (You'll need a RR with a digital suspension for that). However, one finger the front brake at 120, drop a couple of gears, lean into the off ramp at 70 and know with the right preparation, your bike is probably more capable than you are.

Let me know your thoughts. Text if you want to 617-462-3233.

Mike M
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