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i tried to search on how to change rear subframe on my 04, so i guess 03-05 and r6s-s.
although, i know how to change since its just taking out two bolts out from the main frame. i'd like to ask ppl who already have done this job for some tips and etc.
things like, battery box and what bolts to take out first and watch out whatnot.
i ordered new subframe cuz mine was tilted about 5 degrees from an 90 degree angle.
btw, what size is those two bolts that r holding the subframe. they look like they were very hardly screwed in before they got painted from factory.
thanks for advice guys!!!:toocool:

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there are actually 4 bolts that hold the subframe to the frame. 2 on each side. And you'll need a T50 torx bit to take them out. if ur not changing ur battery tray than u dont havta take an wires out or anything. just unscrew the battery tray from the subframe where it attaches in a couple spots and unscrew the subframe and pull it out.

it helps to take the tank off when doing this but i didnt feel like unplugging things so i just took the bolt out of the backside of the tank and the 2 from the top so i could just lift and move the tank a little to get to the nuts on the subframe bolts

tools to use for this.

allen head keys
T50 torx bit
14mm wrench (to hold nut on subframe bolts while you unscrew them)
locktite to put on subframe bolts when reinstalling
socket wrench
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