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If you own a 2003 R6 you probably have a problem with rough idle. it happens below 3000 rpm. Its your ignition coils, these are the ones made by DENSO. they are crap. And the dealer wants $170 (canadian) each to replace them with ones that will work, and there are 4 of them. If you would like the more economical route go to your local salvage store and get the coils made by MITSUBISHI you will see the 3 diamond logo on them, you can use the ones from a 2002 and just swap out the insulator boots (and im sure from 99 to 02 they are the same,) or buy ones from a later model (04 or 05). if your not sure which ones are correct the ones that dont work have a metal ring under the insulator boot
do this and your bike will be puring like a kitten. dont take crap from the dealers when they say "oh i have never heard of that before" or my favorite "thats how they are supposed to run" LMAO
this should fix the problem

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