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Ok, i'll be the first one to admit that i suck ass at writing how to's....and as usual, i didn't even think about taking pictures of the process, so i appologize...i will try my best to explain this....but i only have a couple pictures of the finished product...this will work on all r6's.....but the 03-04 have one extra step.

What you need:
the stock rear fender
black spraypaint
dremel with the grinding disc

What to do:

First, take off the passenger seat, drivers seat, and the tail section. then you need to take off the stock rear fender by taking off the allen bolts inside of the trunk. then you disconnect the turnsignals and the license plate light, and then take off the whole rear fender.

NOTE: you will not be able to put your rear fender back on, because you take it apart and use random parts from it.

take off your license plate from the metal bracket that it is bolted on to, then on the back side take off the bolts that hold the metal bracket onto the plastic fender. You will now be holding the key piece to this eliminator.

next you have to take a dremel, and grind off the screws that are on the back side of that metal bracket, then you need to take your black spraypaint, and spray the backside of it (the side that you ground off the bolts) so it doesn't rust.....since there is bare metal exposed.

now, as the paint is drying...you can reassmble your bike. after its all put back to gether, you will notice 4 holes on the underside of the tail......these are the holes you will be using.....the bottom two are the ones the bracket bolts onto.....and the top two get covered up by the plate.

After the paint is dry......take your bracket and line it up under the bottom two holes....and mark and drill holes (into the bracket) you will be bolting this bracket right to the underside of the tail. (i told you that you don't see this mod that often)

after you have the metal bracket screwed onto the underside of your tail....bolt your license plate onto the bracket....but MAKE SURE you put some felt..or padding, or something onto the backside of the plate near the top...otherwise it will scratch up your undertail.

here are a couple pics of the finished product..i know......shitty pics...but if you guys ask i can try and get some better ones if you don't understand what i'm talking about.

If you don't understand what i mean....just pm me and i'll try and explain it better, or i'll get some more pictures up.

as of right now i just use hand signals until i get an integrator in.

the extra step for the 03-04's is the drilling of the holes into the connector...you do not have to with the older models.....the bracket will line right up with the holes.

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Jay said:
Thanks for the write. The only step I am now following is drilling the holes in the bracket. There are four holes on the bracket and the nyou make six? I just now quite following that part.
if i remember right....there are the slot type holes on the outside.....and the inside.......then you drill holes between those two......

just put the bracket upto the tail and you will figure out where to drill the holes

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In Texas, you would get a fat ticket for the license plate being un-readable.

I used the stock metal bracket for mine, but bent the ends down so you can actually see the plate.

If you can't read the plate, you might as well carry it in your trunk.
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