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These things rock. Now u can rock, too. :YEA Installation is a breeze, but i figured a simple how-to wouldn't hurt anyone...

The wire connectors that came with the flushmounts kinda sucked, so I decided that soldering them would be the best solution. I didn't wanna have to always worry about whether or not the wiring on my flushies was gonna come loose, and now i don't have to!

Anyway, the first step is to take ur original signals out. Just pull the tab on the back and remove the whole unit:

Cut the wires of the old signal pretty close to the actual unit. This will give you plenty of wire to work with in case you screw up:

The protons come with plenty of extra wire. Cut off the excess, strip the edges of the wires you will be connecting, and slip on your shrink tubing. 1 for each individual wire and another one for the whole shebang.

The black is your ground wire and always connects to the other black. the red is your running light and always connects to the blue. the 3rd wire is a different color on either side. If you want a strobe effect (which i opted for) then connect only the yellow to the 3rd wire. for standard, connect the orange. for fade, connect both. This is obviously after you've stripped the end of your OEM wires...

If you don't have a soldering kit, run to radioshak and pick one up for cheap. prolly no more than $20.

Melt your soldering material to the wires:

Use a heat gun (or hair dryer) to shrink the 3 individual wires:

Shink the large tubing. I folded over the orange wire to make sure it didn't move on me. No biggie either way...

Install into the fairing and replace on the bike. You're done!


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I did the same on my 02 when I put these in... Best flushies I have ever seen....
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