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This is a really easy project. I would say it would take the average guy 4 hours to do with no distractions. This procedure is detailed in the R6 enginge manual for the Pre 03 R6 starting on page 45 in the pdf file on this site. So download it first and print it out. I have also attached an image that shows the actual inside of the clutches.

Pay close attention to how the clutch cable connects to the shift linkage and how it goes back together. This will save lots of time on the reinstall. It is also detailed in the manual. This is on page 47 of the manual.

Take pictures if you can. This helped me greatly!

Tools needed
Philips screw driver to remove fairings
small flat head
5 mm allen wrench
10 mm socket and wrench
Inch pound or small foot pound torque wrench

Parts needed:
New gastet for clutch cover
8 friction plates
7 steel plates
6 new clutch springs
4 quarts of motorcycle oil (I use Yama Lube)
A new "E" clip if you bend or lose yours. Buy one just in case.

Bolt specs
Bolts holding the clutch cover on = 8.7 ft/lbs
5mm allen head

Bolts holding on the pressure plate=5.8 ft/lbs
10mm hex

Put new clutches in a pan of motor oil and cover with a lid. I got dirt in oil while taking the bike apart and could not use the oil in the pan. :poke

Start a timer for 30 minutes. That is the amout of time the clutches need to soak for the Barnett carbon clutches. Read the instructions with your kit.

Remove right side lower fairing

Drain engine oil

Remove the 5mm allen bolts holding on the clutch cover

Manuever the cover off and then remove the clutch linkage. Take your time and really watch how it is supposed to be. The correct position is in the manual. Don't lose your "E" clip unless you bought a new one.

Remove the 6 "10mm " bolts holding on the pressure plate. The clutch springs are behind these bolts.

Slide out the 8 clutches and 7 metal plates.

Look to see if the clutches have been soaking for 30 mintes. If not drink beer until time has been reached. :drink

Slide in new clutches. There will be two green clutches in your pack. (at least in my kit) I had to start and end with a green clutch. The green side went so it was facing either the engine case or the clutch cover.

Alternate clutch plate, and then metal plate. You will end with a green clutch facing toward you.

Put on the pressure plate. Read page 54 of the manual for the exact procedure. Make sure the punch marks in the pressure plate and the pull lever are aligned. I missed this and had to start over.

Put new springs over stock bolts and thighten to 5.8 ft/lbs.

Reconnect the clutch linkage.

Put on the clutch cover and tighten the allen bolts to 8.7 ft/lbs

Check the clutch lever and see if the clutch disengages. If you changed springs, mine as well, the lever should feal much stiffer. You will also need to adjust the slack in the clutch cable up by the lever.

Fill with oil and put another beer in the freezer.

Put on your helemt and go for a short ride around the block to test it out. Do not go fast until you are sure you did it right.

Put on your fairings. Drink your ice cold beer to a job well done! :drink

I am not responsible if you mess up your motor or trans. Let me know if you have questions or if I missed a step.

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