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New season coming... got my '07 ready to practice whenever this weather cooperates.
If anyone's still here I'll post my progress.
Stock front sprocket, +2 in rear.

So far I'm having trouble bringing the front up under 6k revs in first gear, not much work on 2nd yet. Will continue practice.
I had the same problem that the front end didnt come up enough even in 1st.
Went to practising 2nd gear wheelies one day, saw that it was wayy smoother.
Practised for like 2 hours, went back to 1st gear. Was used to using lots of throttle for 2nd gear wheelie, so i did quite the same, almost 12 o clocked that ****er.

It's about getting rid of the fear to give more gas. Just don't give it too much :D
81 - 82 of 82 Posts