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I've posted my first thread in the New member forum, but I didn't seem to get any answers. Please forgive me for just reposting it here. My main question is the oil quantity....


Hello there,

I'm Filip and I'm an alc... ((oops. sorry. wrong place))

Anyhow, I'm Filip from San Antonio. I'm picking up my "new" '06 R6 Raven later on today. I just sold my '04 Triumph Daytona 600 and was looking for either an R1 or an R6 all over local "for sale" bulletins. And then I found this one. It has 900 miles on it :nocontrol A girl bought it 3 years ago and pretty much just broke it in for me. $6,500 sounds like a good deal to me :toocool: Didn't have to fork over $8-9K for an R1

Anyway, while I'm ranting here, I need to ask some questions.

1. When I looked at the bike a couple of days ago, the tires were a bit low. She didn't have an air pump, so today I'm bringing my own. What is the recommended tire pressure for the '06 R6? From what I gathered, it had stock tires.

2. Since she has never had an oil change done :thumbdown I'm planning on doing it as soon as I get it home. I saw the How-to write-up which had a picture of 3 1qt. bottles on it. So, what is the exact amount of oil I need to put in? I'm not sure I will get the manual, so I just want to have all the answers, so I can do this in the midlde of the night tonight.

Also, what would be the recommended mods?

The list I have so far (in order of priority):

1. Competition werkes fender eliminator (w. short stalklblinkers)
2. PUIG opaque black windscreen (I don't think I've ever need to look through the screen, no matter what bike I was on.. I always look over, ao the painted screen would look better than smoke. Am I correct :flame )
3. Front flush mount blinkers
4. GYTR slip-on exhaust (I can't find any used better exhausts anywhere, so I'll go with the cheapest new one :thumbdown )
5. Re-upholster seat, for more padding for longer rides
6. Frame sliders
7. HIDx2 kit (6,000K)

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uhh this how to guide should how to do most of the mods urself

usually stock tires shoudl be aroudn 35-38psi
comments on mods
1:fender eliminator good, u gonna get flush mounts as well?
2:no DB( double bubble) and why opaque? windscreens are mostly for cosmetics, shoudl get a colored one or black is just fine.
3:lol.. didnt see this coming
4:gytr- yamaha's racing division, u could go with yoshi or akra or any other brand u like, u can youtube most of the exhuasts u find to get a better idea of the sound
5:more cushion is good if u are taller.
6:frame slider are ideal, but u will have to cut those fairings, especially if u do twisties
7:nice i have 8000k
8: maybe a pcIII and dyno??
hope this makes up for lack of attention hah
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