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Well apparently not since my R6 did not have it done..

This is a "Way Old" enduro riders trick.. (at least from the 40's, if not earlier)

Actually the first part is to keep your perches somehow lose so they rotate diffusing some of the impact energy..

Second make a small "Cut/Line/Channel" whatever you want to call it about two inches from the tip of the lever

I made mine with a 4 1/2" grinder and a worn and (two worn out cutting) wheels (so I have no chance of damaging the grip) I still need to finish it with a hand file but you get the idea., you can use a hack saw a "rat file" (MY favorite tool for it, i just did not found mine) ) pretty much anything that cat Scratch aluminum (Think about the way glass is cut, you just need to give it a "Starting point"

This part is more polemical and you don't need to do it at all if you don't agree, (they have nothing to do with each other..)

Let me ask you did you ever operate a power tool, fire a gun or hold yourself in any situation with your Pinky finger..


so why place the weakest and shortness of fingers at the very end up the lever were the LEVERAGE is the most...?? (Yes is AS Stupid but is the norm..)

MY proposal, to move the perches as close to the center of the bike (as much as the fork will let you basically), so only the Middle and Index fingers act on the lever and the ring and pinky finger hold to the grip (This is the way it has been done on mountain bikes forever..
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