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I need your help....

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Ok guys, I need your help!

The site is finally being ranked by www.superbikeclub.com. We are currently 108. Lets see how how we can make the site.

So I need all active members to vote once a day.

Just open this link


And click the enter this site link. Thats all it takes! This could really help our site gain members. The higher we are, the more chances the site will get clicked into.

I will be adding a new banner to make it easier for you to vote today.


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Now you can vote for me on the very bottom of the forum page. Just click the banner and click enter this site!

Do you have to do anything once you enter the site, or is it just a matter of clicking and then entering the site?

If it is this easy, there is no excuse for anyone not to vote every time you log on.

This site is good and it will only get better as new R6 riders sign up and start to post.

More people = more ideas
Move'n up quick!

If we get in the top 50, There will be an r6-forum banner added to the link.

No you do not need to do anything aftw you click enter the site. You vote will have already been cast.

Thanks alot guys! :mrgreen:
#75 and counting. Is there any limit to how many times we can click the link and have it count or we gotta dump cookies and then click on it again :?:
I think it actualy goes by IP addresses when voting.

Here are their rules:


Every Top 100 Sportbike Site member wants to be Number 1 (or at least in the top 10). The best advise I can give is to place your voting button where everyone can see it. As your site grows in popularity, so will the number of votes you receive. Superbike Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel any member's account who is caught cheating to raise there vote count. This includes automatic voting programs installed on your site, multiple votes from the same IP address in a short period of time (including the use of IP address changing websites), and "tricking" visitors to vote for you (ie: placing a link on your site that says one thing, but gives you a vote on the Top 100 list instead).
It says " multiple votes from the same IP address in a short period of time". So how long is a short period of time? It is not very specific.

I would say once or twice a day should be fine.
Hot damn! Site has made it to #17. :jump :jump :jump
Lets try to keep it in the top 20

We got 11 new users yesterday after the site was ranked. So the question is did the people register that came from superbikeclub.com? I can't trake that. :twisted:
sweet i get on a lot of different computers a day so i should be able to vote a lot.

Keep it up

Our banner looks classier than all the others with nekkid chick on them

This is, as far as I can tell a motorcycle site. :!: :!:
Count me in I'll vote daily
Come on guys! We have dropped from a steady 20 something to 27! :cuss

We need everyone to vote at least once today. We have gotten 455 hits from that site alone. Lets see if we can get back into the top 20 by today. :pimp
The stats reset. Time to vote again. It only takes 45 seconds, if that.

:mrgreen: We are currently #11 :mrgreen:

We need to keep it up.

How long between each vote can we vote for the vote to qualify?
I am not sure. hte site does nto give specifics. But if everyone votes twice a day, the sit ewill do just fine.

Thanks everyone!
ya, #11 is pretty sweet! If you have internet access at work, vote from there as well! I vote once in the morning from and work and the same again at night.

#11 and with no advertising with tits even though there are some posted in the members ride section!
Got my vote and am spreading the word about this R6 specific site to other rides in my area :mrgreen:
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