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i neeeeed helpp!!

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:(:(:( i got a couple questions for everyone too at the end of this...
so today. i took my motorcycles test. passed with ease.
i dont even have a bike to ride since mines a wreck.
but at the same time itsn ot. i only need the following items
front headlight faring. windscreen. and lights.
lights are what are killing me. and i mean killing me. i went into work last nite and im about to quit (i pump gas over nite at wawa) sounds corny BUT,
i have full bennys and i get over 10$ n hour, and i just chill prettymuch. but
they have me on the shedual for liek 4 days and not opon my request u know? i wanna be fulltime fully 100%.
but back to why i posted this.
i wanted to know if anyone and i mena anyone in this forum or in philly/pa/de/nj/southnj(were im from) would lend me there stock headlights so i can start driving my only vehical i have to and fro.
i dont carea bout the fairinbgs there 125$.
i know some of you dudes mod or get rid of the stockies and put new ones in with halos etc or what ever you guys do. im just throwing this out there to see if a fellow local rider can help a rider in need.
and yes. i will if you would want me to buy them off you for a discounted price i would. deff. i dont care what condish. but im not paying 400$ or 350$ for a headlight setup. i just cant right now.

another questions now.
are you even aloud to ride without lights? liek get it registerd and insured and all that? cuz i have to redue all of that.
cuz i pump gas all the time (at nite) for ppl on r1's n ninjas without anythings up front basicly just a speedominter. and there like. yeah this is my stunt bike blah blah blah.
but for real if anyone could really help me out i would do anything
free full tank with any vehical u own maybee???? ahah just let me know guys
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That post was completely impossible to read.
+1 and i thought i had grammar, run on sentence issues. That shit was like a different language
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