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this is what happened.

After agreeing upon a price of $7500. They ran my credit. The first time they ran it under the name of Ken instead of Mike so it came back with no credit history. The following day they supposedly ran it under my name, but he couldn't remember the score and had to wait until after the weekend for the credit unions to open. Tuesday I called back and they said that they lost the paperwork and wanted to run it again so I asked if they had already run the last one and he assured me that no it hadn't been run yet. So once again we filled out the credit information and sent it in. They got my credit score back and said that I had good credit and now asked if I would be willing to pay a little more. He said they wanted to sell it for as close to $8500 as possible. I said that wasn't going to work. He called me back and offered $8100 out the door and I said that that was msrp and I could get that anywhere. He then told me that they couldn't do it for that price and then handed me over to a co-worker. The co-worker said that they had just changed management and that they were having communication problems and were getting quoted one price and that when they went back they would change it. I finally got put through to a sales manager and explained that I had spent a lot of time into working out this deal and that my credit had been run at least one time, possibly as many as three and that drops my credit report. He told me that it was the sales guys fault and that he couldn't do anything it wasn't his fault.

So now I am unfortunatly left with only one option. I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau and I am in the process of writing a letter to the Attorney General. I guess we'll see how it goes from there.
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