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seriously the best gear.
i was wearing an icon decay helmet when i was hit head on by an suv
my head smashed into the asphalt and my body crumpled on top of it
and i walked away with out so much as a head ache.
if i ever can afford to get a bike again i will absolutely be buying another icon helmet.
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thanks man,
too bad my bike isn't
they wouldn't do anything about it because the police report was against me and the bitch that hit me lied about what happened when she realized that the cop was on her side. **** cops. they all think we're just a bunch of punk kids on bikes.
siick, i have this helmet in blue...It really one of the best looking helmets around
What happend man like how did you end up colliding
i was going around an S turn up a mountain,
she crossed over the yellow line around a blind turn and she drove right over the top of me. lucky for me, i was wearing a full leather suit, with SIDI boots, and an amazing icon domain decay helmet. i stood up and walked away with out so much as a head ache. but my bike is completely toast.
sue her and police officer.... try get community involved.. i dunno - local newspaper, try speaking w/police chief, talk to a lawyer, i dunno but this is BS - she + police officer just took your $10K away
try 14k
i got 100% financing
plus loJack and theft protection and gap insurance
so for all the guys that know about my accident, i am going to pick a new r6 on Wednesday. hell yeah!!!!!!!!
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