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I'm depressed/torn...

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This thread is a little bit of a babble, but here it goes....

I've been contemplating selling my 2002 R6 for a month now because of the second gear issue that I read A LOT about..I've had the bike since may and have fallen in love with it likes its my second girlfriend (needless to say the first girlfriend didnt like that too much :love ) It's the first thing in my life i've tried so hard to work for and pay for on my own.
Surprisingly I got my mom's and dad's support with my bike (my dad and i went to the MSF class together, he rides it when i let him :mrgreen: ) but I've always known that she didn't think it was all that practical (i'm a sophmore in college). Well a family friend is now selling their 2000 VW golf GLS at a steal of a price...this thing is fully loaded an immaculate. BUT to get that I'd have to sell my baby. I get depressed when I think about selling her (I don't even talk about selling her when im in the garage) but the other half of me says, you do need a car and hell, I'll have summers off when I graduate (I want to teach high school english). I guess I just think that I will never have another bike someday (that's a scary thought). Has anyone else ever got depressed about selling their bike/ car?

sorry about the babble..its been a heart wrenching day :throwup
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