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I'm on my way!!!!!!

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So as some of you may remember, along with others that are envious, I've been waiting patiently for the opportunity to get my r6, and later on graduate to an r1 or liter bike in general. Crawling before walking. Some may also remember that my issues with my father screwing up my credit and be not being able to do it that way either. Well things are finally looking up. I've sat months just waiting on getting my top secret security clearance and it finally came through. I just started working as an armed guard for a location I cannot disclose here but thank god I finally got it!!!! Now that I'm making some good money I estimate in about six months I can have the necessary funds to pay for my bike with cash, and one can always negotiate a lot better when you're just waivin money around in a dealers face. Again some may remember that my girl ( who already has a damn r1) is skeptical of me riding always telling me that I'm going to go down it just happens and she doesn't want to see me in the hospital. I've taken the advice of most of you and grew a pair and just said I'm doing it no matter what.

I have dreams about this bike dudes... its heart breaking watching the bike clubs from dc. maryland, va just goin all over the place having a great time... and I want to know what they know and learn and experience all that, and I feel like if things had gone my way years ago i could've. But Like I said.. six months is all i need... i'll rough have 16,000 by then. Plenty to juggle...I have no rent, cause I live with my grandmother and take care of the things she needs, I have no bills cept for my cell phone and my car is paid for. Only thing I gotta do is butter the girlfriend up by sprucin up her bike every now and again, so i can use that later on as a crutch (wink) Any advice you guys have is always welcome! But like i said soon I'll have my own.. and I will wish for it no more. probably a useless post but I feel great about this!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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