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well i can get a bike as soon as i get full coverage.
i dont wanna ride w/o it and put my family in debt because of my mistake.

so ive called around
and ive been quoted some ridiculous amounts.
state farm. 1,300 for 6 months. 2,600 a year.
geico wants 3000+
progressive wants 3000+

ive been tryin to get 250,000//500,000
and 1,000 deductible.

but holy moly..some of these rates kill me.

but i guess they arent surprising since im 18.
with 3 tickets. BUT no points.

anyone know how i can get some cheaper full coverage?
ive tried having myself added to my fathers policy. Epic Fail.
4.8 for a year. jeezus. but that was with 21st. im gonna try
state farm tomorrow hopefully that works...

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State Farm was where it was at for me.

20 yrs old / 0 tickets / $55 a month full coverage / $1k deductible

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i got 50,000-100,000 cause i got lots to lose.....and in paying 49 a month....
25yrs. 1point. unless you have a business like i do...i don't see why you need 250,000-500,000.

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state farm i don't think takes people with tickets or points, not sure which, if its points, you are in the clear

though you might also have needed your drivers license for 3+ years with them. don't quote me on any of this though.

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yea they did mention i should have my DL for 3+ years. but they said they'd still take me. yknow i dunno why i want 250,000//500,000
its not me actually. its my father.
and its his rules not mine since hes actually letting me have one.
but i am payin for everything so...idk lol.

yea no points but they did see my 3 tickets
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