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Very simple, as most of you know. Hardest part was figuring out how to get the connectors to come off. :stupic

It fits great in the trunk with the latest Six's. I am running a Two-Bros map, so not quite sure if thats my best bet. But software, ease of use, etc is great. Transfered ultra fast.

I wasnt sure what the rear strap was for so I just stuck it in there. Not a perfect fit, but nearly. Snug and still able to pull out. I didnt want to use velcro as there was no real flat surface, and it would have covered the white labels for emissions, etc.

Front view

Not sure if it was just the cool evening air, but it seemed to be a little more responsive down low, and run a little smoother. Didnt get a chance to unleash it yet, as im running a plug in my blown tire until i get it replaced. Definately seemed punchier, and more responsive but not really flatter torque curve.. if that makes sense. I'm still a novice, but it seemed to have a noticeable effect. I also have K&N air filter and Wolf slip on.
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