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I feel a slightly rougher feedback in the steering. I haven't totally figured it out yet but it seems like if I cruise at loser speeds in lower gears [mid RPM's] when I go to use the front brake it's soft (to the floor so to speak). If I pump it, pressure comes right back. When I use it the next time it is usually just fine. In a car I would think this meant a vacuum problem such as a back hose.
I can hear a ticking noise from the front wheel area, and wonder if that is correlated in some way to this issue. It's in sync w/ the speed of the revolution. I can't see any problems from a visual inspection w/ the bike assembled.
I am away from home for about 3 months and of course that's where my shop manuals are so I'm unable to refer to the tech descriptions. All the local shops here are back logged.
Has anyone had this issue or maybe can troubleshoot with the manual?
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