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Hey guys! Recently picked up an 07 R6S with 1200 miles that a buddy wrecked back in 07 when he bought it new, lol.

Anyways, I need

From sitting on the bike perspective-
Left lower/ upper fairing
The face/ front of the bike
A headlight assembly

Also need the shifter (just the part your foot touches) due to being epically bent.
The left engine cover where it says "YAMAHA"

I'd prefer the fairings to match the oem red paint code, but if you have an intact fairing that you don't want an arm and a leg for, I can always just paint the bike (what I'm considering doing anyways)

If anyone knows a decent place to get a set aftermarket fairings from, PM me please.

Located in middle GA.

PS- I just got back in to the bike scene so I'd rather spell all this stuff out like a retard than have someone misunderstand what I'm looking for.
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