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Howdy all. Sold my sport bike and bought a cruiser. As such, most of my gear is no longer appropriate, so it's time to sell it off. For the sake of my own sanity, I'm just going to link the album where all the pictures are hosted. Let me know if there are any questions.

Feel free to text - (224)392-2039


Alpinestars Verona WP jacket - Size Large. Flawless condition, waterproof, size LARGE. Comes with a removable thermal liner and has an upgraded Alpinestars RC back protector. 140$ shipped

RS Taichi 826 Perforated Leather jacket - size 54/44 (fits a bit smaller than normal jackets). Easily the highest quality jacket I've ever owned. If it wasn't for the sportbike fit, I would never consider parting with this jacket. Perfect condition. Comes with a liner for cooler riding. Here's a link: http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=7699
340$ shipped

Held Phantom Gloves (Red/white) - Used one season. Size 8 (MEDIUM). Awesome condition. There's a few really minor discolorations around the wiper and near the thumbs. The kangaroo leather is amazing. 130$ shipped

RS Taichi perforated leather gloves - size SMALL - Great condition. 30$ shipped

Olympia 4350 All around gloves - size XXL - Excellent condition - 35$ shipped

BMW Summer 2 Pants - Black - size SMALL (roughly a 30" waist). Never wore them on a ride. I have a pair of their city pants in medium and sadly found that the small are just a tiny bit too small. These are BMW quality and have the neoprene protectors in the hips and the knees (full armor coverage). Also, they have the added benefit of turning into shorts! 130$ shipped

Rain gear - Medium suit (Dowco Guardian), large glove covers, and large boot covers. I used these once, but I bought goretex boots and gloves and the suit fits a bit big. It all ran me about 80$, so how about 45$ shipped takes it all?

Please let me know if there any questions!
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