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Just came back from the Jamie James Riding School....GREAT TIME!!!!! I've never went so fast and felt so relaxed. Excellent instructors, tons of useful information and some of the nicest, most accommodating people I've ever met! Scott Russell, Dave Sadowski, Brian Stokes, and Jamie James were extremely down-to-earth, really great guys who made the event fun while sharing their combined years of experience with us. Lynne and Buddy Broussard were great to work with as well. The class we were in was somewhat small, so the group invited my girlfriend (a novice rider) to take part in the school as well and even offered her "private lessons" with Dooley, another friendly, informative instructor at the school. We had a blast!!! Take of advantage Nesba's generous discount and the chance to ride either a 2008 R1, R6 or FZ6. Also the chance to ride at Barber and check out the museum (which was included with the school program, along with lunch both days and an awesome dinner on day one of the program). I'm definitely going back, hopefully with a group of Nesba members for maybe even a bigger group discount. Anyone interested or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ [email protected]. ALL I CAN SAY IS JUST DO IT -- WELL WORTH IT!!!! Here's the link and contact info below.... Thanks to Barry Gunning for turning me on to this school.


[email protected]
Phone #: 828-337-7495
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