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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

You cannot submit a bike 2 months in a row or if you've won within the past year. Voting starts on the 20th or after 10 entries, whichever comes first and ends on the last day of the month. The bike must be your own, but it doesn't need to be just an r6.
Please take a look at past ROTM contest for ideas on how to enter your bike. Bike does not have to be an R6, you just have to be a member of the forum.

Model (R6, R6S):
Engine Performance Mods (i.e. exhaust, PC3, etc.):
Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.):
Pictures (please limit to 4):

Also, tell us why your bike should be named the Ride of the Month. Give us the whole story behind it! How did you get it? Where? Include anything that will set your bike apart from the rest...

Good luck to all, lets make this another good one.

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2003 R6

15T Front Sprocket
LOR 13" exhaust
Speed Bleeders
Motul Oil
Gold 530 X-ring Chain

Motodynamic Tail Light
Probationary Plate :p
Candy Blue PC rims
Gel grips
Blue Levers
Custom Chrome blue stickers
1/4 Petrol cap
Blue Front brake reservoir
Blue oil filler cap
Blue BKMOTO angel eyes
Blue Brake fluild
Blue Bar ends


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2014 R6r

Engine / Exhaust

- Bauce Racing flashed ECU
- Power Commander 5
- Graves EXUP Eliminator
- Driven Block Off Plates
- MJS Y Piper with MGP Growler

Controls / Suspension

- Brembo 19x18 RCS
- Adjustable Clutch Lever
- Short Brembo MC Lever
- Core Stainless Brake Lines
- Pitbull Steering Damper
- Woodcraft Full Rearsets (GP Shift)
- Woodcraft Brake Return Spring
- Stompgrips
- Suspension set up by EDR


- Renthal Grips
- Double Bubble windscreen
- TST Industries FE
- TST Industries Signal Stat
- LED Flushmounts
- Integrated Tail
- Frame Sliders
- Swingarm Sliders
- Solo Cowl
- Tygon tubing to the reservoirs
- Little stuff here and there...safety wire, decals, etc.

Stuff to come:

- Q3's before track season starts
- RG Case sliders...all of them
- Re-spring front and rear....maybe valves, not sure
- Chain and Sprockets next season. (Renthal most likely..in gold)
- BMC Airfilter. (De-coned the stock for the time being)
- Passenger peg plugs

The day it came home....


Fun with light

The (gen 2/3) R6 is easily the best looking 600...well...ever.

R6 > All others :toocool:

A work in progress...
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Thank you for entering SuperHans and Seagreen! Beautiful machines!

A work in progress...
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2 more days for submissions!

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Year: 2006
Model: R6r
Engine Mods: Bazzaz Auto tuner
Bazzaz Quickshifter
Full Yoshi exhaust w/ carbon fiber can
Ohlins TTx shock
Ohlins fork internals
Vortex rear sets
Vortex Sprockets
RK chain
Vortex clip ons
Ohlins steering stabilizer
Brembo 19RCS master cylinder
Motion Pro quick turn throttle

Custom paint 1/2 spray paint and 1/2 plasti-dip

Used to have a 2006 R1 but wanted to go to an R6 for the track. Couldn't find anything I liked so traded my R1 straight up for a 05 CBR 600rr track ready it had more on it in suspension then my bike was worth. Well a week later a friend of mine put this R6 up for sale. I knew where it came from and the price was right. So after convincing my wife that I needed to buy a second track bike I drove to Kentucky to pick up this R6. It was mostly stock with the exception of body work, exhaust, and rear sets. After riding it one time I sent it to Georgia to have Performance Cycleworx do a chasis refresh, Ohlins suspension and make sure everything was ready for the 2014 track season. Picked it up in February on my way to Jennings GP and it was perfect. I had never rode with after market suspension before. I have made more improvements in the year of owning this bike then in the 5 years before. I feel great on this bike and love how quick and nimble it is. Blew a motor in June at VIR luckily a friend of mine in Georgia had a spare and sold it to me and I was back on the track in July. August I was getting ready to head to Road Atlanta and couldn't handle the fact that it was someone else's paint job on it, not mine. So 30 mins before I leave I grabbed some spray paint, tape and plasti dip and went to town. I honestly love it. Looks ridiculous but it's mine. It's been a great bike and it will have a Swenson Designs paint job on it in the next couple months.


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Am I too late to get in on this action?

Year: 2008
Model: R6S
Ohlins 20mm FPK valves and 1.0kg springs (tuned by Thermosman)
Ohlins YA-505 rear shock
Sharkskinz racing bodywork w/superbike tail section and Armour Bodies seat pad
Vortex V3 Gas Cap
Woodcraft clip-ons
Woodcraft frame sliders
Stompgrip tank pads
Motion-Pro revolver throttle assembly
Puig DB windscreen
Custom exhaust hanger
Yoshimura RS-3 stainless slip-on exhaust
D.I.D. 520 chain with Driven sprockets
EBC EPFA Road Race Front Brake Pads
Galfer Stainless front brake lines
Speed Bleeders
Renthal dual compound grips
Modified wiring harness
Shorai lithium ion lightweight racing battery
Cox radiator guard
Dunlop KR106/108 racing slicks

I used to own a 2003 R6 that was very similar to this one without the suspension that I bought new and sold in 2012. I found this bike a year later with only 1,300 miles on it! The previous owner bought it, got pregnant a few months later, then it sat in her garage for nearly 5 years.

I couldn't pass up the deal, and thought my '03 was the best handling bike I'd ever owned, so I set out to make this one even better by getting the suspension done up properly by Mike Fitzgerald. There is a reason racers who have ridden the 2nd-gen R6 consider it THE benchmark for how a bike should feel when properly set up......it is just that good, and with only minor modifications can be made great.


A work in progress...
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