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January ROTM Voting Thread

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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

Below are the contestants for this month's ROTM.

Right here is my entry.

I bought this ex-World Supersport Bike when it came up for sale in 2013. It is a mega spec bike and something I would never dream of building myself but was lucky enough to get hold of it when it came up.

The spec is as follows :

2010 r6 13s wss built by ifs Lowe racing (crew chief Jeremy McWilliams ) ridden by Ian Lowry, Team IFS in the 2010 World Supersport Championship

Built on blank frame direct from Yamaha.

Unsure who built engine originally but it has full porting and head work. I've had the bike refreshed and mapped recently and it pulls 135 Bhp and 50lb/ft at the back wheel.

STM slipper clutch.
MB sports big volume radiator
YEC inlet trumpets etc
YEC Quick action throttle
Yec Generator
YEC crank
YEC kit gear ratios
Ktech ssk fork cartridge kit
Ohlins factory issue rear shock
Suspension potentiometers.
Full Motec m800 ecu with launch control, blipper, traction control, lambda, pit lane limit and full data logging.
GPS receiver for datalogger
Motec traction control settings from WSS team
Motec military spec loom.
Motec adl dash.
Data spares strain gauge quick shifter.
Stm 5 button bar switch to control launch/traction etc
Pro Mach clip ons and rear sets.
Ohlins steering damper.
Arata full titanium exhaust and long can
520 chain and sprockets

Following mods I've done over the winter:

BST Carbon Wheels
Brembo T-Drive Disks
Brembo M4 Monoblocks
Brembo 18/20 RCS M/C
Lightweight Lithium Battery

Update to graphics (halfway done!)

What is it like to ride?

I used to race 600s and Mini Twins but. I've not raced this bike as it's too nice to crash but I've tracked it across Europe and it laps as fast as the 1000s. It's incredible to ride, the fuelling is perfect and the traction control is so good I can rear wheel steer the bike in the lower gears. It's fast....eats standard 600s and will overhaul GSXR750s on a long enough straight.

The bike felt perfect as it was but I wanted to build the ultimate R6. I managed to find a used set of BST Carbons and fitted a full brembo brake upgrade with New MC Calipers and Disks.

She's a keeper.....I couldn't afford to build a bike like this from scratch and I can't think of anything I want to switch it with.....only a new R1 would come close and I'm not a fan of 1000cc bikes...I much prefer the high corner speed style that a 600 forces you to use.....

Anyway, hope you like it.....I've fitted a Lorenzo sticker kit but I'm going to change the No 1 back to my old race number of 86 done in the same style. Lorenzo is a great rider and I love the look of the bike but he is about as popular as a ginger step kid after his antics this seasons and I will get a lot of stick off my mates if I keep his number on there. I'm also a lifelong Rossi fan.

Off to Jerez for 3 days at the start of March and can't wait to try it with the new wheels and brakes fitted.....

This is a video from last year at Jerez. You can see just how fast this bike is. The RSV4 in front is my friends and has 170 BHP at the wheel. He also weighs about 20lbs less than me......


Model (R6, R6S):R6
Engine Performance Mods (i.e. exhaust, PC3, etc.): MJS race headers, GYTR slip-on, BMC track filter, PCV, Quickshifter, Flash ECU.
Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.): stainless brake lines.
Accessories: double bubble windshield, frame and swingarm sliders, stunt pegs, Hid lights, powser coat pegs and stand.

this is my second R6 the fisrt one was damage by a lady on the parking lot of my aparment and was totalled because to many damage parts, with the money i bought me this one that is 3 years newer and 12k miles less. and with the spare money i have been upgrading it.

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