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Was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. I just got a Jardine RT-One race carbon fiber slip on and it appears that I have upon start up a rough idle. any clues what this might be? and does anyone have the same pipe and had any problems or how long have you had the pipe and noticed anything that might be a problem? Any info would help thanks.
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Just adjust your idle up a little bit. Most likely all you'll need to do, and this is due to more free exhaust flow.

Depending on mileage and what you've had done for service could also be another deal. throttle bodies synched, cables adjusted etc..

Idle adjust is located on the right side of the bike, hidden just beyond the edge of the plastics above and forward to the oil fill. It's gold, bronze finish looking screw with grip on the rounded edge. Turn in to increase idle, out to decrease.
Oops.. forgot my bike is an '03 with 3,500 miles on it... So the bike is FI.
So......get it taken care of yet?
Yeah. I figured out the reason for the eratic idle.. Decreased backpressure. I only notice it at idle when the system autochokes. I had a feeling due to the fact that when i placed my hand over the exhaust the engine seemed to idle alot better. I am gonna try and research some more and see if there is any long term effect of running the race system for just running the streets hoping that there is no ill effects. I know that when i ran a race baffle on my VW, it seemed like I was readjusting the valves every other weekend instead of every three months. I also use the bike for my daily commute which is about 36 miles each way. Would hate to have to put on the Quiter. that would suck because the race exhaust sounds so sweet as I split lanes down the highway. oh well wish me luck :mrgreen:
Remapping would probably fix it too. If you don't want to pay the big money for a Power Commander you can get a QMI that fits in the end of the muffler and turns it into a street baffle. That is an option for the Jardine cans if you go with the race baffle. They sell for about $25.
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