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JPR levers from cycle sector

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ordered these late sunday and they just arrived at my front door.. hopefully they look ok on the bike :jump

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Thanks for your order :cheers
thanks for the fast shipping!
sweeeet, love buyin' from cycle sector, good people!
it doesnt fit it any of them -_- .. i just put everything on.. and everything fit. but theres that piece that is left over...
If you compare that to pazzo levers it looks like you got a honda clutch as they come with the bushing already in them. the yamaha levers don't and you put it in (like that piece above). If you put a the wrong clutch in though you risk it not returning in time as the pivot bolt is a critical part of the lever. Lots of the ebay/asian levers have pivot bolt issues so I'm not surprised.

Notice no insert in the yamaha clutches

notice the insert in the clutch lever (like what you got).

I'm not saying this the case, but look into it because I bet that is what it is as these are just hong kong knock offs of pazzo levers like all the other ebay levers. I would surely confirm that clutch though. If you can mic out the interior diameter I can let you know if the diameter is correct.
damn.. i should hit up disco .. i bought them from cycle sector..
just take out the copper bushing and then use the factory bushing, it will be perfet it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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