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Just bought a used 2006 R6 raven and I have a few ?'s

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Hello guys/girls, I just bought a used 2006 R6 raven and I have a few questions. Also just so everyone is aware, this is my first bike ever so these might be some silly questions. First off I noticed that when I engage the clutch and kick down the bike into first gear when standing still it kind of bucks/inches forward even with the clutch fully depressed (disengaged). Is that normal or is there something wrong with my R6? Also once the bike is in first gear, still with the clutch fully depressed, when I roll it back and forth I notice there is more friction then there would be when the bike is in neutral, almost seems like the clutch is not fully disengaging and is remaining slightly in the friction zone. Last but not least I am also having trouble switching to second gear when the bike is standing still, I haven’t tried it on the move because it’s not yet insured and I don’t have much space on my driveway. If you can please comment on my issues and inform me if they are standard or not and what I can do to resolve them is in fact a problem does exist. Thanks a bunch.
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On my 05 R6 I notice it makes a loud clump noise when put into first gear, doesn't really go forward atleast not enough to notice. As far as the other two questions I haven't really tried.
when you put it in first, there is a little kick/push to it. and when in first gear, rolling it back and forth isn't like how it is in neutral. just like in a car. why would you want to put it in second if your not riding it? just take it down the street and see if it goes in gear.
Pretty sure the jump when you shift to 1st is normal. Both mine and my friends 07s do it.
my 99 r1 clunked into 1st when it was cold , i used to hold the clutch in for a few seconds before i clicked the pedal , if not adjust the lever a little bit :)
Don't worry about putting it into 1st, alot of bikes do it. About a little friction try adjusting your clutch cable if you think it's not right. You should have a little bit of play when pulling in on the lever. You have an adjustment on the lever that has a click roller. Second is down on the right side of the engine. Followthe cable down, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Shifting into second sitting still the bike won't agree with that. The synchroes in the tranny are cut in a way that you have to be riding. Don't worry.
Take your time learning the bike. Read the manual, and become more comfortable with the beasty. The bike is very quick, and agile!
Lube your chain every 500mi. warm..
Change your oil and filter every 2-3 thousand miles.
Spark plugs 14,000 miles
Valves shimmed 21,000miles
Lube your shifting links, and cables every season!!!!
Last call the dealer and see if the bike you purchased had the factory update on the air filter housing. Call with the serial, or chassis number.
Peace, and enjoy your new life as a biker!!!!!
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