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just curious, how many of u guys turn like this guy? :)

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OMG - he makes it look like an 80cc dirtbike.
hahahah ...now thats TOUGH~~ but it would be howls if he lost it an the gsxr looped
:popcorn: hmm, not sure what to even say. He makes it look easy in a way, haha
I cant do that, not sure if id even want to...
well he definately makes it look easy.i think ill take the extra few seconds to turn it around than risk laying it down and spending several hundred dollars fixing it.
seriosly?!?! all you do is put all your weight on your inside foot and then do a burnout. it kicks right around....wtf people?
can i borrow someones bike to practice on?:fact
Not me ha ha, not yet anyway!
i'll i gotta say is over inflated rear tire and cold asphalt, mission accomplished.
yeah, **** that..
piece of cake... he planted his inside foot. It isnt hard to do! I dont do it every day, but gees fellas, it isnt hard!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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