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damn :fruit

got a ticket for 50 in a 25. i'm pissed, but just at myself. the one night i go riding with locals, and i don't even like them, i pull this dumbass move. i let my guard down and didn't listen to that little voice that said, "see those lights around the bend? you prolly should slow down this time." i didn't even realize it was a cop till he pulled me over, otherwise i had a big enough lead i could have ditched him quick where i was. i was an ass though when he approached so i deserved the whole 25 over he wrote me up. what can you do.

so in recap:
1. don't ride with people you don't like
2. don't let your guard down
3. prolly shouldn't entertain the idea of running(though most of us have done it at least a couple times and maybe been successful :mrgreen: )
4. don't be an ass to the cock-i mean cop

whatev, i'll take the damn traffic school its my fault i was an ass :moon
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