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Keep breaking my axle bearings

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:cuss :cuss It started out getting a new rear tire put on, after i put everything back together i ride for about 5 mile's and then i hear a pop and it feels like my bike is vibrating hard and the tire is going to fall off. I get it home and take everthing apart again. One the axle was hard to get out and the bearings inside were trashed. I got 3 new one's installed today including new seals and put everything back together, take for a short ride (another 5 miles) and the same :cuss thing happens again. I AM PISSED. What is happening? Time for me to get a new R6 or R1. :cuss
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Sounds like you might have a bent axle. Even if the bearings were dry, they shouldn't break in 5 miles. Being bent would explain why it would have been a bitch to take out and put back in.... Are you sure you have the correct bearings?

Any strange noise coming from that area like if something is rubbing?
Yeah, there's a rubbing sound. The brake caliper looks like its hitting the disk, it took a sledge hammer to get the axle out and took a long time to get it out. The axle has some scrapes on it and a little chip out of it but it was easy to put in but its hard to take out.
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