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Has anyone else used these guys for anything? I ordered Shift Torque jeans on 4/1 and according to their website they haven't even shipped yet. They charged my card but still nothing. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with them.
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haha. Heres my experience with them...

I ordered the same pants from them and I paid the extra $20 bucks for priority mail shipping. I got my e-mail confirmation which said the pants were EXPECTED to ship within 6 days?!?!?!? Why did I just pay $20 bucks for faster shipping? When I called to explain my frustration they said they were backordered until June. At that point I cancelled my order. That company is a joke. It should say one the website they are backordered. That was my first and last experience with them and I will never buy anything from them again. There are several other companies out there who care way more about customers and I would rather spend my money with them.
I just ordered from them about two weeks ago. Ordered a pair of Alpinestars riding boots and some proton flush signals. I also had the same problem. After about a week I was like alright they should have shipped by now, so i called them and the guy said they had the shoes but they hadnt got the signals yet. He told me he would send the shoes to me seperately until they get the signals. He shipped them out monday i think and i got them yesterday so didnt take long. However, i still havent heard about my signals-guess ill have to call em again monday. The guy i talked to was helpful but they need to notify the customer when they dont have the product in stock. Theyre probably waiting to get urs in. Give em a call. However, i dont think theyre open saturdays.
They have your money already they dont care about you anymore
I found three other websites that say they have them in stock, so I guess I'll cancel the order and order them somewhere else. It would have been nice to know they didn't actually have the product or that it would take this long. If it took my card 25 days to go through do you think they would still ship them?
I've had OK luck with Kneedraggers.com

almost every online site will allow you to expedite shipping for stuff that isn't in stock. Not just kneedraggers. I verify in stock status before I ever pay for expedited shipping.
I ordered some stuff from Kneedraggers.com about a year ago and got it 3 months later.

They DROP SHIP all of thier products... they do NOT have a ware house, they order everything to come to THEIR place of business, then they RE package it, and send it to you.

THEIR SERVICE IS REDICULOUS. I would HIGHLY suggest avoiding them. If you already have ordered from them... I would cancel your order, and get your stuff from someone else.
Damn i really wish i had read this post a month ago!! this place is terrible...customer service lady's got an attitude and won't do anything to find out when theyre going to get my turn signals....DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CLOWNS!!!
i have heard good and bad about them

i have not ordered from them ..

McCoys thats were you need to order never had a problem
i ALMOOSTT ordered from them... but i ended up ordering from terrapowersports.com... dey have some very good prices there... i order the icon armored vest from there for 85 bucks... everywhere else they want 100 for it... saved me 15 dollars which helps wit the gas prices dese days lol
I was going to order from them and my friend said "don't" for the same reason you guys are mentioning...they take WAY too long to ship and they sent him the wrong part so when he called to get it fixed they gave him such an attitude that he just kept the part and resold it to another friend. I won't buy from them.
Don't bother with them, they are incredibly slow shipping items out, if you need to return anything for a refund they charge you a restock fee of 15-20%. I will never order with them again. Motorcyclesuperstore.com and NewEnough.com are much better to deal with.
Wow, I guess Ive been really lucky. I have made 3 seperate orders from them and have been pretty satisfied. The last order I made (GP Plus gloves and a shirt) took 8 days to get here. I also ordered a +2 sprocket at the same time and it got here about 4 days before the rest because it was drop shipped to me by my choice. My only "complaint" is that I ordered a black shirt and they sent me a blue one. They did write on the invoice that they were out of black. Blue is fine with me, I didnt really care either way. The other orders I made took 8 days and 9 days.

Chalk up one positive experience
I heard they used to be really good. Then I guess the guy that owned it sold it off and the new owners suck. Haven't heard anything good from them recently. I usually buy clothing/riding apparel from either www.motorcyclesuperstore.com or www.denniskirk.com Have had nothing but good experiences from either of them. For parts, I usually go with motomummy or McCoy's
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