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So I've got an '03 and after the first winter I had it I just put it up in my garage and didn't do anything to it as far as proper storage. Now in between that time it has sat for like two winters and I didn't run it much in between. I finally got the license stuff straight and I'm starting to ride it again. Here's the deal:

Below 2000 rpm it's sputtering. Took it to the pro's and they said my fuel injectors were dirty and it would be a $600 fix. Took to a guy I know who races and knows bikes and he said it was probably my fuel pump is clogged which I could probably do myself.

Now here's the real problem...now it's leaking gas from the exhaust manifold (I put a Hindle slip-on on) and out the pipe. And it's kicking out white smoke. I'm thinking that the fuel pump is so clogged that it's kicking the gas out the bottom and back.

What do you all think?
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