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Leo Vince full -vs- Akrapovic full

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I've narrowed my choice to either Leo Vince full system or Akrapovic full system. I was told that Leo Vince produces better, usable power in mid range where 06-07 R6 needs it most. Akrapovic makes all its power up on top. What's the consensus on that? Anyone disagree with that statement? Thanks for advice.
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i am happy with mine, but have heard a ton of good things about Akra too.
I have the full Akra Evo Ti on my '06 with custom mapping from a race shop. All I can say is it flat out rocks and screams. I'm totally happy with the system. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
i have a full akra system on my 04 and love it. though for good answers you'll have to find some charts, or someone who has tried both systems on their bike.
You can't go wrong with either. Both of them would probably put up damn near the same numbers anyhow. Just pick which one looks better on your bike.
Thanks, guys! I decided to go with Akrapovic Evo system. Ordered it today. Should be here in a couple of days. Can't wait!

The few dyno printouts I've seen showed respectable torque gains with Akra over stock all the way from 7K and up. Good enough for me.
where did you purchase your full sbk leo from? im planning on either buyng that or a full yoshi later today. thanks.
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