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I wear a Arai Race Rep/rider/Nakano
Its bad ass......has stars on the sides, cartoon eyes on the front, and a white rabbit on the back
Its already saved my head threw on accident....:(
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if you have been in a crash with your helmet...


helmets are only good once. yes they are expensive, (I wear a $600 SHOEI helmet) however, like i said before, they are only good ONE TIME.

Unfortunately, helmets need to be replaced after they save your life.
if you really want to keep it you can send it off to get retested for strength. sometimes there are little fractures and stuff in the inside of the shell that will make it just split in half in another wreck :scared
nice bucket! may you never have to put it use!

Mine looks like the little picture under my name

<-------------------- :hump
arai rx11 edwards replica in blue. i don't really like it, but i got a hell good of a deal on it. MSRP is 800. i paid about 280 for it brand new. i like the whacky looks, such as eyes, still looking... how about visors, waht do you guys use? i am either going black mirror, or some crazzy whacky eyes, or something you guys can suggest.
I just use black nobody can see in plus you don't need sunglasses, not very good at night you need to keep on main road were there's some street lights. Down country lanes in the dark can get a bit hair :scared
blueless- wow good deal! where and how did you get it? how come you dont like it?

I have a arai signet (older version) and i like it cause its comfortable but its kinda loose now and too damn noisy

Anywho time for a new one. Anyone like HJC?
ya, I have the HJC AC-11 and I like it alot. Removable inards so you can clean it. All kinds of vents to keep you cool and fog free. Easy tooless visor removal and replacement. And their prices are reasonable.

thanks. It's also incredibly comfortable. and I got a pretty good size melon too......

Guys, I had an embarassing moment today. I got my R6, but I had a suck-nutts helmet, oh well... my R6 is home.

Anyways, here's mine when it comes in. I have the '03 black/red flame edition, with the Shoei Chimera red, look below:


You guys like it? I got it for $260 brand new... (I talked them down, lol).

Do you think that goes well with my paint scheme? Black/red flame... ?
I have a silver/black & white/silver (stripes), Joe Rocket full race leather jacket with back hump armor and everything. I'll sport the pic as soon as possible.


P.S. Thanks Penfold, you and DJ man... my heroes, lol, keep it up!
That's a hot helmet Solace...

By the way this is my lid -

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rf900 chimera.... :mrgreen: NICE lid, very quiet, too!
I just got this one last week.

Being a huge Rossi fan, of course, I had to have one of his lids. haha

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